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Family adventure in the Zillertal

The Spieljoch family adventure mountain has been offering you excellent, expanded infrastructures for families since summer 2018. At the mountain station, where the mountain scenery and panorama meet, we complement our outstanding hiking mountain with exciting new products for your children.

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Take part in the big competition

„The Abandoned Mine at the Spieljoch!“

To enter the competition, play the interactive outdoor-escape-adventure and find out the solution word! At the end of the season, great prizes will be raffled among all participants.


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The first hiking area in the Zillertal

The starting point of numerous hiking trails with a fantastic view of the Karwendel Mountains, the Achensee, the Wilder Kaiser and Kufstein, the Kitzbühel, Zillertal and Tux Alps.



Directly at the Spieljoch mountain station on the Spieljoch summit 1,920 m - walking time approx. 20 minutes.



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Bambini water park

Discover the wonderful world of water!

A refreshing experience for the whole family high on the mountain on the Spieljoch in the Zillertal Alps!
Look forward to splashing around and splashing around and cooling water!

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Storage Lake Relax & Balance Park

The idyllic small reservoir, surrounded by one of the most beautiful mountain scenery that the Zillertal has to offer. After a short walk from the mountain station down to the reservoirs, a climbing and hill slide awaits you at the northern dam crest of the large reservoir, which leads you directly to the small reservoir.
A wonderful walk around the lake, invites you to other offers. Over the net bridge, past the Adlerhorst, you get to the slackline park, as well as other balance elements directly on the lake shore.

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Crystal park

The mountain range of the Spieljoch was a center of mining for hundreds of years. For our children we offer a small crystal mine for stone and rock crystal mining. Where people used to dig with a pick and shovel, a crystal find is still guaranteed today! In 60-minute supervision, the children experience the search for rock crystals in the crystal water basins and the filling of their leather bags. Then we continue to the mine, where the pit dogs, which are already stored on rails and filled with overburden, are just waiting to release even larger and more beautiful rock crystals, which also migrate into the leather bag after the stones have been washed out. Then the three most beautiful crystals are removed from the leather bag and processed as a souvenir.

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Barefoot hiking trail

First Zillertal summit barefoot hiking trail


Feeling the mountain with your feet is a special attraction. Did you know ... that walking barefoot regularly strengthens the immune system?

  • it stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • it promotes the venous system
  • is the most natural foot reflexology massage
  • it strengthens the immune system
  • it lowers blood pressure

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Flying fox in front of a mega backdrop

The newly built Flying Fox of the mega class conveys pure adventure. Because of the unbeatable location, we call our Flying Fox the "Mega Panorama Fox", where you have the feeling of floating past the impressive mountain backdrop of the Spieljoch over a length of 300m. An unbeatable photo motif for the eternal memory of an unforgettable experience. The modern Panorama Fox, with a built-in speed brake, takes you from the start platform of the rope course down to the roof of the crystal mine. Every single flight is supervised, prepared and cleared by our security staff!

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Paraglide -Tandem Flights

Try your hand at being a co-pilot of a paragliding tandem flight from the Spieljoch mountain station down to the valley. We cooperate with the professional paragliding company "StockyAir", who complete thousands of flights in the Zillertal with their numerous tandem pilots. The starting point is right in front of our office at the mountain station on the Spieljoch. Reserve your flight or book at short notice here, depending on the weather. The tandem flights are extremely popular, and available for children and adults.

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Ropes course at the highest level

Our skill rope course has also been newly built and is located approx. 5 minutes' walk above the mountain station. Embedded in a natural arena in front of it, with a great view of the mountain peaks behind, the rope course and the launch site of the Flying Fox not only share the backdrop, but also the launch platform. With ten creative balance elements at lofty heights, there is always pure thrill when you go from station to station. But do not worry, our staff is also available here and will not allow entry without preparation and proper attachment with the climbing harness. Even if things get stuck, our staff is there to help immediately.

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MonsterRoller & MountainCart Downhill

The downhill route we accompany leads from the mountain station to the middle station * and is around 6.5 km in length. The fun begins in the middle of nature and with the MonsterRoller requires some skill to control the device. The double disc brakes, however, increase the safety standard enormously, which we set very high for our downhill equipment. With the MountainCarts we offer the variant with the extended seat so that parents can also take their smaller children with them on the trip. At the start there is a training session before we go down the mountain together. Reservation also possible.

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Climbing on the climbing wall and on the via ferrata

What is a vacation in the mountains without rock climbing? Here we offer the first steps towards correct step, grip and abseiling safety. Everything under professional supervision. Starting with the climbing wall for first grasping and climbing, the basic skills are learned and consolidated. Great importance is attached to the correct "abseiling" that is necessary for everyone on the climbing wall. Finally, a guide can be booked for the first ascent of the summit cross on the adjacent via ferrata. In bad weather, we also offer step, grip and abseiling training indoors in the mountain station. The course duration is between 30-60 minutes depending on the number of participants!

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Nepal bridge

Some simply call it the “test of courage”, others, pure adrenaline. There will be something to do with the three-rope span over the large “Kaunzbucht” on the Spieljoch. It is best for everyone to determine for themselves whether it is more balance art or just a test of courage. Of course you don't balance freely over the sagging rope, but are secured with a climbing harness, helmet and climbing set. If someone should lose their courage during the transition, our securing rope guides will lead you to the exit in an uncomplicated manner with the mountain pulley. So, for everyone an attempt to assert oneself at dizzying heights with a perfect panoramic view.


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Öxltal Show Mine

The mountain massif of the Spieljoch, was already hundreds of years ago a center of mining, where ores, quartz and even precious metals were mined. Let yourself be fascinated by a unique history of Tyrolean mining in the excellently preserved mining gallery.

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Who can manage the two adrenaline stations on the Spieljoch and get the "AIR2" medal? We offer you skill, action and a test of courage in one round at a special price!

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Look forward to flexible cycling fun on over 780 kilometers across Tyrol.

With the Bikeschaukel Tirol you can conquer 15,000 of the total of 32,000 vertical meters with one of the 21 mountain railways - including the Spieljochbahn.


The 10th stage takes you from Mayrhofen to Pertisau, also past the Spieljoch with wonderful views from the Penkenjoch, the WiesenalmTrail, the Achensee promenade and exciting single trail variants.


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10th stage over Speljoch ...


Slope gliding for model aircraft

at the Spieljoch in Fügen / Zillertal at 2000m above sea level

Spieljoch hillside flying area:

Transport of models up to 4m span in the gondola possible - no transport costs / model aircraft.


Starting place:

approx. 50m below the cable car mountain station, in the immediate vicinity there is also a paraglider starting place - flight space allocation in consultation



North-east exposed slope, free of trees and bushes, within a radius of approx. 800m, thermals usually from approx. 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Fly at your own risk and in accordance with local aviation regulations.



in summer.




in Winter.