Bike Paradise

The mountain station of the Spieljoch cable car is the starting point for numerous mountain bike tours. With spectacular views and an environment that awakens a spirit of adventure, Spieljoch is a true paradise for bike enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Convenient bicycle transportation

The spacious cabins of the Spieljochbahn offer a comfortable and secure transport for your bike. Exciting routes lead from the mountain station of the Spieljochbahn across lush alpine meadows and along fascinating mountain landscapes.

The bicycle transport costs €6.00.

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3 route tips

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Fügen - Öxltal - Strass

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking bike tour from Fügen to Strass!
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Enjoy this bike route amidst wonderful mountain scenery!
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A bike trip full of adventure, nature, and unforgettable moments awaits you!

Bike rules

Keep in mind the key biking rules that ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Wear appropriate protective gear, especially a helmet. Also, regularly check brakes and tires.

Inform yourself about local regulations for mountain bikers and adhere to them.

Pass pedestrians or cyclists slowly and give a friendly signal in advance.

Bring enough water, snacks, a map, and a mobile phone, especially on longer rides or in more remote areas.

Take your trash with you and leave no litter behind. Also, respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance.