Family fun

A winter holiday without sledding? Not with us. Our 5.5 km long, snow-covered sledding track starts at the mountain station and ends at the middle station of the Spieljochbahn. With state-of-the-art snow technology, we guarantee the best conditions for endless sledding fun. The spacious, accessible 10-seater gondola takes you directly from the village area in Fügen up to 1,858 meters.

Opening hours: in winter, daily from 08:30 a.m. to 04:30 p.m.

Comfortable ascent

Tobogganing is great fun for young and old. On the Spieljoch, even the ascent with the ultra-modern gondola lift is an experience. Enthusiasts can therefore enjoy the ride to the middle station several times in a row.

Toboggan Run-Spieljoch Fuegen-9

Toboggan rental

The toboggan rental is at the top station on the ground floor at Bründl Sports. Return is convenient and easy at the middle station of the Spieljochbahn.

Pick up: top station
Return: middle station

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tobogganing rules

Keep in mind the key sledding rules that ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Wear appropriate protective gear, especially a helmet. Also, protect your hands, elbows, and knees to minimize injuries in case of falls.

Keep your sled under control and avoid reckless or dangerous riding. Adjust your speed according to the conditions, especially when the track is icy or uneven.

Do not sled on ski slopes - instead, only use the designated toboggan run!

Sled only within sight, so you can detect other sledders, pedestrians, and potential obstacles early. Avoid sledding in curves or behind hills without seeing what is beyond them.

Adhere to local rules and warnings. Respect these instructions and alert others if you spot potential hazards.

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Culinary delights

Pure pleasure

After an adventurous toboggan ride in the clear mountain air, culinary highlights await all over the mountain. Directly at the mountain station, the Mountain Loft offers an extensive culinary selection for the whole family. A casual bistro is located at ground level, fresh pizza is served on the sun deck and the gourmet restaurant "Il Ristorante" with its impressive panorama is located on the first floor.