The family adventure mountain

At the adventure mountain Spieljoch, everyone gets their money's worth: Explorers can splash around in the water park, explore the barefoot path, or visit the show mine. Action lovers, on the other hand, can let off steam with the Flying Fox in the high ropes course or whiz down the tubing run.

For action lovers

Monster Scooter
from 29 €
Monster-Scooter-Spieljoch Fuegen-2441
Tubing line
from 1 €
Tubing-Line-Spieljoch Fuegen-53
from 27 €
Monster-Scooter-Spieljoch Fuegen-3910
High rope course
from 12 €
Air 3
from 27 €
Nepalbridge-Spieljoch Fuegen-1131
Nepal Bridge
from 15 €
Nepalbridge-Spieljoch Fuegen-1255
Flying Fox
from 16 €
Flying Fox-Sommer-Spieljoch-Fuegen-0892
from 13 €
Climbing-Spieljoch Fuegen-6616
from 120 €
Paragliding-Spieljoch Fuegen-84
Interactive-Hiking-Adventure-Spieljoch Fuegen-5834

Interactive Hiking Adventure for families

The abandoned mine at Spieljoch

This Interactive Hiking Adventure daredevils into a race for a mysterious inheritance on the Spieljoch in Fügen. The shrewd grandfather Mauritsch has come up with a very special will - with all kinds of potential for family strife. With a mysterious map, he sends his heirs, accompanied by the players via the Locandy app, on an eventful treasure hunt from the mountain station via the reservoir lakes to the middle station.

For explorers

Water park
Water-Park-Spieljoch Fuegen-3519
Interactive Hiking Adventure
Interactive-Hiking-Adventure-Spieljoch Fuegen-5834
Crystal village
from 14 €
Crytsal-Village-Spieljoch Fuegen-1369
Barefoot Trail
Öxltal show mine
from 6 €
Show-Mine-Spieljoch Fuegen-28
Scarce Parcour
Scarce-Parcour-Spieljoch Fuegen-7892
Treasure hunt
from 7 €
Treasure-Hunt-Plan-Spieljoch Fuegen
Studs Labyrinth
Studs-LabyrinthSpieljoch Fuegen-8118


Some impressive hikes start directly at the mountain station of the Spieljochbahn. Along the high-altitude paths, beautifully located, ensuring that there is no boredom during breaks for both young and old mountain enthusiasts.

Hiking-Spieljoch Fuegen-55


Experience the perfect blend of adrenaline and natural beauty at Spieljoch! From steep descents to challenging climbs, this biking paradise offers everything for unforgettable moments on two wheels. Are you ready to push your limits?

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