Attention please

The downhill course that we accompany leads from the mountain station to the middle station and measures approx. 6.5 km in length. The fun begins in the middle of nature and requires some skill to control the equipment.


However, the double disc brakes on the MonsterRoller increase the safety standard enormously, which we set very high for our downhill equipment. With the MountainCarts, we offer the version with the extended seat so that parents can also take their smaller children on the trip. At the start, there's a training session before we head down the mountain together.

  • Daily from approx. 11.00 a.m. - Earlier on request!
  • Directly at the mountain station
Scooter € 19,00
Cart € 25,00
Helmet, hygiene cap and goggles € 2,00
End of the day special 13 km to the valley station (only with scooter) € 29,00