Nepal bridge

One for the books

Some simply call it a test of courage, others pure adrenaline. There must be something to the three-rope spanning over the large "Kaunz Bay" on the Spieljoch. Whether it's more of a balancing act or just a test of courage in the end is something that everyone should find out for themselves.

Adrenalin pure

Of course, you do not balance freely over the sagging rope, but are secured with a climbing harness, helmet and climbing set. Should someone lose courage during the transition, our rope guides will lead you to the exit in an uncomplicated way using the mountain pulley. So, for everyone a try to prevail at dizzying heights, with a perfect panoramic view.

Nepalbridge-Spieljoch Fuegen-1181
  • Daily from approx. 12.00 hrs - Earlier on request!
  • Directly at the mountain station
Children € 15,00
Adults € 19,00
Safety equipment that you can also bring yourself - TÜV tested € 8,00
  • For adults and children (from approx. 10 years to 15 years)
  • After the first sector, a decision to continue or go back is made jointly

Nepalbridge-Spieljoch Fuegen-1258