The abandoned mine

The starting point of this multimedia treasure hunt for families is the mountain station of the Spieljochbahn. Equipped with the mysterious treasure map, Grandpa Mauritsch sends the players on a search for a mysterious object. Have you solved all the tasks and puzzles? Then a big raffle with great prizes is waiting for you.

Start: Spieljoch mountain station
Destination: Kohleralmhof / middle station
Duration: 2.5 h / 4,6 km

How to start your adventure

  • Scan the QR code to download the Locandy app


Have you solved all the tasks and puzzles from the Interactive Hiking Adventure with Grandpa Mauritsch? Then there is a big raffle with great prizes waiting for you here. To participate in the raffle, simply fill out the form below, submit it, and you're in the drawing!

On an Adventure of Discovery

The interactive hiking adventure from the mountain station at Spieljoch to the reservoirs and down to the middle station entices the daring into a race for a mysterious inheritance. The crafty grandfather Mauritsch has devised a very special will—with plenty of potential for family squabbles. The catch is: only those who solve all the tricky puzzles and tasks first will find the correct path through the dangerous labyrinth in the abandoned mine, reach the mysterious object, and earn the right to the promising inheritance of the wealthy grandfather.

Interactive-Hiking-Adventure-Spieljoch Fuegen-5953
Interactive-Hiking-Adventure-Spieljoch Fuegen-1
Interactive-Hiking-Adventure-Spieljoch Fuegen-1